We Fight Poverty with Innovation.

At Community on the Rise, our innovators are survivors of homelessness. Our team recycles plastic waste into beautiful, eco-conscious goods, making Community on the Rise the only nonprofit organization in Alabama recycling #5 polypropylene plastic waste onsite in our workshop. The hands of our community are changing recycling options in Birmingham, Alabama, and they are doing it while they work to restore themselves and climb toward their life goals. There is a special kind of strength and momentum present here, and it is built on community, equity, and love. We are reclaiming value: of our beautiful earth by transforming plastic waste into sustainable goods; and of our beautiful community by loving and valuing people for exactly who they are.

Rise ReMade

Look inside our social enterprise to learn how we are giving plastics and people new jobs. While working for Community on the Rise in our one year apprentice program, our team members also receive free housing, compassion-based group therapy and individual counselors, a practical life skills curriculum, and paid employment.

We Build Relationships.

We Believe in People.

At Community on the Rise, rebuilding lives begins with relationships. We need each other, especially when life feels heavy and hard. We prioritize time together at our weekly Community Table, a healing circle welcome to all. We believe in the gifts and talents offered by our community, and we cherish and celebrate them. Our mission, daily work, and social enterprise all run on a commitment to positive, healthy relationship-building in our community.

We Empower our Community.

Through our mission to connect people experiencing homelessness to Housing, Education, Healing, and Employment, we prioritize our community as we work to remove barriers. We know that poverty is complex, so embrace that complexity. We offer a housing, employment and wellness program. We obtain government documents for our community, including birth certificates, licenses, and social security cards. We help our community apply for housing and food assistance. We build relationships through out weekly Community Table.

No matter where you are in your journey, we welcome you. Everyone deserves to feel the weight of their own value. We hold that value carefully, affirming it with our words, respect, and love.

Your Support Matters.

Your generous contributions make our work possible. They change lives by creating opportunity. Consider these gifts:

$25: Covers the Cost of a Birth Certificate

$50: Covers the Cost of an ID

$150: Covers a Utility Bill for Marigold House, our safe home for formerly homeless women in our WHOLE Program

$500: Helps us run our recycling workshop and marketing/packaging of sustainable, recycled products

$1000: Pays a formerly homeless woman’s salary for one month

Each and every donation counts and sustains us! Thank you!


Join our Journey of Rebuilding & Recycling for Restoration.

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Community on the Rise

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