Recycling #5 Plastic for Birmingham, Alabama

What exactly is a #5 PP Plastic?  #5 is the Resin Identification Number for Polypropylene, a non-toxic, food-safe plastic that is quite common in your grocery shopping and take-out dining. Items like yogurt cups, butter tubs, medicine bottles, microwaveable containers, take-out boxes and cups, and even laundry lids are some of the common plastics you find in your home. You can identify #5 PP plastics by looking for the recycling triangle and finding the 5 inside.

In many curbside bin recycling programs throughout Alabama and across the United States, #5 plastics are removed from your containers and sent to landfills, where they sit, unrecycled, for years. These plastics can also land in our oceans, rivers, streams, and forests, polluting ecosystems and being mistaken for food by our wildlife.

Community on the Rise is the only nonprofit organization recycling #5 PP Plastic in the state of Alabama. This important service we offer transforms plastic waste into unbelievably beautiful items like necklaces, earrings, coasters, and planters that are much less likely to ever return to the waste cycle. Of course, it is survivors of homelessness who are diverting this plastic waste from the landfill and from our ecosystems.

Here is the powerful story we tell: people and the earth are our most vital resources, and we must protect and uplift both.  


112 14th Street North  |  Birmingham, Alabama  |  2nd Avenue Pink Door Entrance

Innovators Look Like Us.

Survivors of homelessness are taking on the important task of recycling #5 PP plastic into beautiful, sustainable goods.

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We make beautiful products from recycled #5 PP plastic. Here are some of our favorites! Be sure to go shopping while you are here!

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