Dignified, Meaningful Employment.

Our employees are survivors of homelessness, and they are leading the way in recycling #5 Polypropylene Plastic materials in Birmingham, Alabama. We are a part of the solution to the plastics crisis, creating beautiful, artisan-quality recycled goods from post-consumer waste. As we work, we heal, we create, and we restore. Your purchase of our products is an earth-conscious choice that celebrates survivors. Thank you for sharing in our story!

What are #5 Plastics?

#5 Plastics are made from polypropylene (PP), a sturdy, food-safe, heat-resistant material. #5 Plastics are amongst the most common household plastics, including yogurt tubs, lids, pill bottles, takeout containers, & storage bins.

How are they Recycled?

We start by sorting & cleaning plastic, which includes removing labels. We then shred the plastic into tiny plastic flakes, which are poured into our heated injector and molded into new sustainable objects, including artisan jewelry, coasters, multi-use garden pots, & more.


Currently, you can purchase our unique recycled products through our Instagram & Facebook pages by clicking the link in our bio. More options coming soon! Be sure to join our newsletter for more product updates.

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